Lead Service Line Awareness Program

Protecting drinking water from lead sources is the shared responsibility of Concord Public Works and the property owner. Concord’s drinking water does not contain lead when it leaves the treatment plant and meets all Environmental Protection Agency standards for lead. Concord Public Works is committed to working to minimize lead release from pipes throughout the water distribution system by controlling the corrosively of the water, monitoring for lead at the tap, facilitation of lead service replacement, educating our customers on the health impacts of lead, and helping them identify and remove lead sources on their property.

Based on a preliminary assessment of existing service records, approximately 260 or 5% of the 5,500 active water service lines in Concord are believed to be composed of lead.  Most of these service lines exist within private property.  Records suggest a majority of the remaining service lines were installed prior to 1933 and are concentrated in the more populated village districts of Town. 

In the mid-1980’s, the Division made a concerted effort to identify and eliminate lead service lines throughout the distribution system.  The program, performed by Town forces, was offered at no or very low cost.  For reasons not presently understood, the program ended in the early 1990’s. 


Concord Public Works staff are continually working to update our water service records and is actively reaching out to all customers who we suspect may have lead service lines leading to their property.  

To find out more about the water service line connected to your property please give us a call at 978-318-3250.