Air Source Heat Pump Rebates

Air source heat pumps have been used in warmer climates for decades, and due to a recent technology revolution are now a great heat source in New England's cold climate.  These clean heating and cooling technologies can greatly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, reduce your energy costs, and improve the comfort of your home or business.

Watch 3-minute videos of Concord residents talking about the ductless and ducted air-source heat pump systems in their homes.

CMLP offers rebates on central ducted and mini-split ductless air source heat pumps of up to $4,000 for residents and up to $10,000 for businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. All projects must go through a pre-approval process and post-installation quality assurance to qualify for the rebate. 

Before you purchase, review the information at the links below: 

Air Source Heat Pump Basics

Why should I consider an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps provide many advantages over traditional fossil-fuel or electric resistance systems including:

Efficient all-in-one heating and cooling. Heat pumps provide heating, cooling, and dehumidification in the same system. Improve the comfort of your home or business all year-round!

Flexibility. Heat pumps come in ductless and ducted varieties and can be installed to address different needs—whether you want to replace your existing system or just want to add heating or cooling to one or a few rooms.

Lower your carbon footprint. Heat pumps are considered to be clean heating and cooling systems because they do not create heat, but rather they move existing heat in the outdoor air into your home or business. This process is powered by electricity, which can be purchased or generated from carbon-free sources, like solar, wind or hydro. CMLP supplies over 60% of its electricity from carbon-free sources and is on-track to meet our goal of 100% carbon-free by 2030. 

Consider cold climate air source heat pumps to be the cleaner, greener alternative to fossil fuels—an alternative that also provides high-efficiency air conditioning at the same time.

Energy bill savings. If you heat with propane, oil, or electric resistance heating, you could save hundreds of dollars a year on your heating bill by installing a heat pump.

Increased home sales price. Residences with an air source heat pump may enjoy a price premium at sale. Note that a home's assessed valuation and property taxes may also increase after an air source heat pump is installed.

How do air source heat pumps work?

Rather than generating heat, a heat pump transfers it in and out of a building. Heat pumps use the same process that makes a refrigerator or air conditioner work: think about it as an air conditioner that can also run in reverse!

Heat pumps can be ductless, providing heating and cooling to individual rooms of your home or business, or ducted, using your existing or new ductwork to serve as a central heating and cooling system.

Is a heat pump right for me?

Do you heat with oil, propane, or electric resistance and want to save on your energy bill?

Switching to a heat pump system could save you hundreds of dollars a year on your heating bill even if you’re not ready to replace your whole system yet.

Do you want to add air conditioning but don’t have the ductwork for a central system (or just want to ditch the window units)?

Ductless air source heat pumps can help you reclaim your windows from noisy window AC units and provide you with all of the benefits of a quiet, central air conditioning system without needing to spend thousands just to put in the ductwork.

Does your home or business have hot and/or cold spots?

No need to replace your whole system: a ductless heat pump can be installed in the zone of the hot or cold spot to provide extra heating or cooling.

Do you want to convert your home or business to gas but don’t have access on your street?

Consider a heat pump system to be a cleaner, greener alternative! Heat pumps can provide heat with lower emissions—and you get high-efficiency air conditioning at the same time.

Do you want to have more control over the temperature in individual rooms?

Ductless heat pumps are often referred to as “zoned comfort solutions.” With ductless heat pumps, you can place indoor units in different zones of your home or business so that you only need to heat or cool the room that you’re in.

Is your furnace or central AC system over 12 years old? 

If so, your system may be approaching the end of its expected lifetime. Consider early retirement: replace your system proactively with a more efficient ducted or ductless air source heat pump.

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Get a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment

If you are a residential customer, you must have had a home energy assessment within the last three years or have one scheduled within six months after your air source heat pump (ASHP) installation in order to receive a rebate. New homes, multi-family residences with more than four units, and commercial customers do not require an energy assessment.

CMLP recommends that priority weatherization recommendations from the assessment are implemented before, or in coordination with, the installation of the ASHP. A well-insulated home allows for a smaller ASHP, saving you money on installation and utility bills. Visit our Home Energy Assessments webpage for instructions on scheduling an assessment or for contact information to verify a previous one.

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Talk to a Heating/Cooling Coach

CMLP has hired Abode Energy Management (Abode) to provide no-cost technical and educational heat pump support services for our customers. Abode will support CMLP customers and contractors by ensuring that the size and design of ASHP systems deliver the savings and comfort expected, while reducing carbon impact.

Customers can connect with Abode's heating/cooling coaches, at no cost, to ask questions at any point (or multiple points!) in the heat pump exploration process.

Meet the coaches!

Click here to request coaching services

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Get Help Finding an Installer

Abode Energy Management (Abode) maintains a Participating Contractor List (PCL) for CMLP customers. Customers can request quotes from installers on this list knowing that these contractors are familiar with CMLP’s rebate program and have a track record of success and customer satisfaction. Customers are not required to use the Participating Contractor List to complete a heat pump installation in Concord, to take advantage of Abode’s other services, or to receive CMLP’s heat pump rebate.

Click here for the Participating Contractor List

Heat pump contractors, click here for requirements to join the list.  To learn more, contact Abode:

  1. Click here to schedule a 45-minute virtual meetup
  2. Email:
  3. Phone: 339-707-0918

 Please note, CMLP does not endorse, guarantee, or warranty any contractor, manufacturer, or product.

CMLP recommends that customers:

  • Consider using our template to prepare a request for quotes, in order to improve the likelihood that you'll receive comparable proposals from different contractors. 
  • Review our “Questions for Heating & Cooling System Contractors."
  • Solicit proposals from at least three installers.
  • Make sure your installer knows that CMLP will not award rebates if the project has not passed the Concord Building Department's electrical and, if applicable, sheet metal permit review.

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The Abode Pre-Approval Process and Town Permits

To ensure optimal performance, comfort, and cost savings, all proposed systems must pass sizing and design pre-approval.

The installer you select must submit the project to Abode for pre-approval before installation begins. Abode will review the proposal and provide pre-approval or feedback. Installers, click here for the Pre-Approval Form.

Your electrician must apply for a Town permit and the project must pass the Concord Building Department electrical inspection. If sheet metal duct work beyond minor repairs are also part of your installation, you must also have a sheet metal permit. Contact information and hours for the Building Department are here

Both the Abode pre-approval and the Building Department permit approval are required to qualify for CMLP’s Air Source Heat Pump Rebate.

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Home Equity Loans and Credit Lines

Home improvements can be financed by leveraging the equity in your home. There are different ways of doing this. The Federal Trade Commission describes the pros and cons of loans and lines of credit in this  article. It also explains how to watch for disreputable services.

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Available Rebates & Eligibility Criteria

CMLP’s maximum central ducted and mini-split ductless air source heat pump rebates are $4,000 for residents and $10,000 for businesses, non-profits, and government agencies.  All projects must go through Abode’s pre-approval process and post-installation quality assurance AND have passed the Concord Building Department's permitting process to qualify for rebates.

Prior to deciding to move forward with a system, residents can determine if they are eligible for an Income-Based Rebate. For example, a household of four with annual income of $136,578 or less may qualify. If eligible, complete one of the three income verification methods.

Click here for a list of eligible equipment, rebate amounts, and other program guidelines.

After reviewing the eligibility criteria and program guidelines, click the button below to apply for a CMLP rebate and upload required documents.

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