Concord Light Broadband News

Citizens Take Charge: Concord, Massachusetts, Builds a Fiber Network

This case study documents the construction and startup phases of the Concord Light Broadband Service

A Fiber Innovator Interview: Concord Municipal Light Plant

This is an Interview with Concord CIO Mark Howell about the value of the fiber network for Concord.

Community-Owned Fiber Networks: Value Leaders in America

This study, published in January 2018, looks at the value provide by municipal broadband operators compare to privately owned cable and other commercial alternatives. Concord is included in the comparison.

Washington Post Op-Ed 4/22/18: Saving net neutrality, one house at a time

In this opinion article Mark Howell, Concord Chief Information Officer, makes the case for municipal broadband as a viable approach to provide cost effective, reliable, equal access to residents and businesses.