Weights and Measures

The function of the Weights and Measures official is to safeguard the public in matters involving the commercial determination of “quantity” and ensure that whenever merchandise or service is bought or sold, that honest weights and honest measures are delivered, and that fraud, carelessness or misrepresentation of such transactions are eliminated. The accuracy of all weighing and measuring devices used for sale to the public are inspected, sealed or condemned as required. Inspections are conducted at all gasoline and diesel dispensing devices (pumps), home heating (fuel oil) delivery trucks, scales used at supermarkets, delis, meat/seafood markets, retail checkout counters, farm stands, pharmacies, and any other facility using a weighing or measuring device for sale of product. Bar Code pricing devices (scanners) are also inspected for accuracy and proper operation. State law requires that scanners be inspected once every two years for businesses with three or more electronic checkout systems. On alternating years, scanners are verified if the Health Department is contacted via a complaint and/or a new device is installed.

The Town of Concord contracts with the Massachusetts Division of Standards (DOS) to conduct required inspections of all weight and measuring devices in Concord.    

Residents with complaints about the accuracy of a gas pump, scale or scanner should call the DOS consumer complaint line directly at 617-727-3480 to report their complaint.  

For new scales, bar code scanners, fuel pumps or trucks, or other measuring devices that need inspection, please contact the Concord Health Division who will arrange for DOS to inspect the device.