Project Eligibility Criteria

1. The person installing your equipment must have received at least 4 hours of manufacturer training within the last five years. The manufacturer training need not have been provided by the manufacturer of the same brand of equipment that is being installed in your building, but it must be provided by a manufacturer of the same type of equipment (i.e. ductless training if ductless equipment is installed; ducted training if ducted equipment is installed.) 

All installers’ technicians on our Participating Contractor List (PCL) have received the appropriate manufacturer training.

Customers are not required to use an installer from the Participating Contractor List to receive CMLP’s air source heat pump rebate. If you use an installer that is not on the PCL, ask for a training certificate/letter for the installing technician before signing a contract.  

2. Equipment eligibility criteria: Single and multi-head ductless (aka non-ducted) and ducted systems must be on the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership’s (NEEP’s) current Cold Climate ASHP List.

3. Your electrician must apply for a Town permit. CMLP will not award rebates until projects have passed electrical inspection by Concord's Building Department. If sheet metal duct work beyond minor repairs are also part of your installation, you must also have a sheet metal permit. CMLP will verify that the project has passed all relevant inspections. The Building Department's contact information and hours are here. Find out more details about ASHP permits here

4. If the project requires sheet metal ducting work that goes beyond minor repairs, a sheet metal permit must have been issued for the project. Examples of projects that require a sheet metal permit include installation of new ducting or replacement, significant repairs or changes to existing ducting. The Town of Concord's inspector must have inspected and approved the installation. CMLP will verify that the project has passed inspection. 

5. A home energy assessment within the last three years or scheduled within six months after project completion is required for our residential customers. New homes, multi-family residences with more than four units and commercial customers are exempted. 

6. Proposed projects must receive pre-approval by Abode Energy Management before installation begins in order to be eligible for the rebate. Look for the Pre-Approval Process link on our Air-Source Heat Pump Rebates page.