2021 Road Improvement Program Bid


2021 Road Improvements Program (Contract #2023)

Town Contact:

Stephane Cherduville, Public Works Engineer, Concord Public Works – Engineering Division, 978-318-3210, scherduville@concordma.gov

The Town has entered into a consulting agreement with Hayner Swanson, Inc. (HSI) of Nashua, NH to provide design services for the upcoming 2021 Roads Program. Hayner Swanson, Inc. (HSI) has provided the Engineering Division with final Plans, Specifications and Estimate related to the roadway reconstruction efforts for Prescott Road, Peter Spring Road, Arrowhead Road, Minuteman Drive, and Cranefield Road.  The Engineering Division has reviewed the plans and provided final comments to revise prior to bidding. It is anticipated that this work will be put out for bid in February 2021.

Based on the availability of funding sources additional roads and a Town parking lot are to be selected by Engineering Staff, to also be reconstructed during the 2021 construction season.

Updated 1/25/21