Concord Municipal Affordable Housing Trust

NEW:  Read CMAHT 8/15/22 letter to Select Board supporting CHDC’s funding request for Christopher Heights/Junction Village

The Concord Municipal Affordable Housing Trust (CMAHT) was established by the Town’s Affordable Housing Trust Bylaw to provide for the preservation and creation of affordable housing in the Town of Concord for the benefit of low and moderate income households and for the funding of community housing, as defined in the Community Preservation Act, MGL c. 44B.  The CMAHT Board of Trustees consists of five members appointed by the Select Board, including one member of the Select Board and the Town Manager.

The Concord Municipal Affordable Housing Trust complements the Town’s existing affordable housing efforts, entities and programs, and can act quickly when affordable housing opportunities arise. The CMAHT’s Board of Trustees is authorized to develop policy goals and statements, consistent with the Town’s adopted housing goals, and subject to approval by the Select Board, to serve as guidelines for the Trust. Select Board approval is also needed for the Trust to borrow money; mortgage or pledge trust assets; purchase, accept, sell, lease, exchange, transfer, abandon, convey interest in real, personal, or mixed property; or to amend the Trust. 

Minutes and Agendas

To view Minutes and Agendas please click here. Agendas are posted prior to meetings and minutes are posted after approval.

Video Recordings

Archived videos of Concord Municipal Affordable Housing Trust meetings can be found in this playlist from the Minuteman Media Network's YouTube page:


Members Term Expiration
Keith Bergman, Chair 4/30/2023
Linda Escobedo, Vice Chair [Select Board member] 4/30/2023
Michael Lawson, Clerk 4/30/2023
Frank “Rich” Feeley 4/30/2023
Kerry Lafleur, Town Manager 4/30/2023

Related Documents

2020 TM Article 13 - Affordable Housing Trust Bylaw – Town Bylaw establishing Concord Municipal Affordable Housing Trust, adopted by Annual Town Meeting on September 13, 2020 and approved the Attorney General on February 23, 2021.

CMAHT Interim Policy Guidelines approved 2022-03-07 – CMAHT Interim Policy Guidelines for Use of Funds adopted by the Trust on February 24, 2022 and approved by the Select Board on March 7, 2022 pursuant to CMAHT Bylaw Section 6, Item 18.

CMAHT Statement – Policy statement for the Trust approved by the Select Board on October 4, 2021 per CMAHT Bylaw Section 6, Item 18.