The Concord Municipal Light Plant (CMLP) is responsible for providing 170,000-megawatt hours of electricity to 7,018 residential customers, 1,232 commercial customers, and 70 municipal customers in Concord. Since the Light Plant does not have generating capability, it purchases its power from outside suppliers. To distribute the electricity, the CMLP operates three substations along with transmission and distribution facilities.  

Power lines are maintained by CMLP line workers. To monitor the system, the Light Plant has a modern, consolidated operations center. As a Town Enterprise, the Light Plant is entirely supported by revenue raised from electric utility rates and other charges paid by its customers. 

Current resources are allocated to pay for the upkeep of existing infrastructure, purchase of power, administration and CMLP customer-related programs. The Telecommunications Division within CMLP, managed by the Broadband Manager who reports to the CMLP Director, provides broadband service to residences and businesses.


  • During FY2022, CMLP added 416 kilowatts of customer-sited solar.
  • Launched new residential air- and ground-source heat pump rebate programs that offer customers significantly higher rebates, especially for whole home heat pump adoption.
  • Thanks to funding from a generous Concord resident, CMLP began offering rebates to residents who replace gas-powered lawn mowers with new electrically powered lawn mowers.
  • Began making a Participating Weatherization Contractor List available to all of our customers and began making larger weatherization rebates available to lower income households.
  • Launched a Commercial EV Charging Station Rebate Program to help our customers provide electric vehicle charging at workplaces, apartments, condominiums, schools, shops, etc.
  • Documented a 151% increase in annual heat pump installations, from 71 in 2021 to 178 in 2022, with 61% assisted by CMLP’s heating/cooling coaching service in 2022, compared to 35% in 2021.
  • Selected vendor for advanced metering system project. 
  • Completed the direct buried replacement project on Bartkus Farm.