Solar Implementation Task Force

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are posted in advance of the meetings. Minutes are posted following approval. The most recent agendas and minutes can be viewed here.

Task Force Charge


Article 38 at the 2022 ATM called for development of an action plan for solar installation on municipal land that would meet the town’s Climate Action Plan goal to produce 20MW of solar power by 2030.  The article passed by an overwhelming majority.  Article 22 at the 2023 ATM reiterated this call to action and urged the Select Board to create a temporary task force charged to develop a plan for solar power generation on municipal and in-town properties.  This article passed unanimously.  

 The purpose of the task force is to fulfill the intent of these articles.   The task force will produce a plan which includes:

  • A prioritized list of suitable sites for solar installations.
  • Cash flow projections to determine feasibility of each site and the impact on CMLP rate payers.
  • Strategies to overcome barriers.  These barriers could include technical challenges (distribution network, battery storage, etc.), conflicts with other uses of municipal land and buildings, and potential community resistance.
  • A schedule for installation at selected sites.


Submit a draft written report to the Climate Action Committee and CMLB no later than February 2024.  Deliver a final report to the Select Board no later than April 2024.  


The task force will be composed of six voting members:  five Concord residents to be appointed by the Select Board and a representative selected by the Climate Action Committee.  A CMLP management designee and the Director of Sustainability will participate as subject matter experts.  All members will serve until the task force completes its work and submits a written report to the Select Board.  When staffing the task force, preference will be given to those who have expertise in solar technology, financial analysis, project management skills, and a strong connection with the community. The task force will determine frequency of meeting and will be led by a chair elected by the members. In the event of a tied vote, the chair will determine the outcome of an issue.


  • Dean Banfield, Chair
  • Gavin Colbert, Representative of the Climate Action Committee
  • Stephen Newbold
  • Charles Parker
  • Wendy Rovelli
  • Philippe Villers

All member terms expire April 30, 2024 or at the completion of the work on the final report to the Select Board.

Task Force Liaisons

  • Mary Hartman, Select Board Liaison
  • Laura Scott, Power Supply & Rates Administrator of Concord Municipal Light Plant
  • Eric Simms, Sustainability Director
  • David Wood, Director of Concord Municipal Light Plant