Water Conservation

In 2017 the Seasonal Water Demand Management Plan was revised to focus water use restrictions and enforcement almost exclusively on lawn watering.  At the same time, the plan was retooled to clarify other outdoor watering allowances that can be more reasonably accommodated.  The plan can be viewed by clicking the 'Current Water Use Restriction Level image above. One of the biggest changes in the revised plan is the transition from a maximum allowance of 2 days per week of lawn watering during an enforceable Water Use Restriction to a maximum of 1 day per week of lawn watering.  For compliance monitoring and enforcement purposes, the day per week allowance must only occur on the corresponding municipal trash route.  You can quickly and easily determine a watering day by visiting www.concordma.gov/wateringday.   The decision to reduce the number of days from 2 to 1-day per week has been made to correspond with water restriction policies being developed at the State level.

During our Seasonal Water Conservation Advisory goes into place on May 1, we will be encouraging our customers to use the best management practice of watering their lawn 1-inch per week. For those customers and contractors that are unable to program their controllers to achieve the optimal 1-inch of watering per week suggestion, we recommend setting the controller simply to operate 1 day per week.  We encourage you to work with your contractor to set up both controller and lawn care programs which prepare their lawn to look as good as it can, while still being mindful of the potential of an enforceable Lawn Watering Restriction, which limits watering to 1 day per week.  


Massachusetts Drought Management Task Force

Visit the Drought Management Task Force web page for more information on the drought status in Concord and across the Commonwealth.

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Watering Day