Communities for Restorative Justice is a nonprofit partnership of community members and police departments that offers restorative justice in the wake of crime. Our aim is to provide a process by which victims are heard and understood, offenders take responsibility for harm, and where loved ones and community members offer support.

Restorative Justice

The principles of Restorative Justice recognize that criminal behavior is an offense against human relationships. Crime victims suffer direct harm.

In addition, trust, the critical basis of interrelationships within a community, has been broken as well.

Restorative justice principles hold that the offender has an obligation and the ability to understand the harm he or she has caused and to repair that harm. The victim, the offender and the community are able to work together to devise a fair and appropriate response and to restore trust in the community.

For More Information

For additional information contact Communities for Restorative Justice at 978-318-3447, or visit their website.