Building & Inspection Fees

Building Permit Fees

Permit Cost
Residential and commercial construction $12 per $1,000
Minimum fee and re-inspection fee $30
Replacement of lost permit card $30
Certificate of Occupancy (when not in conjunction with a building permit)
6-month extension of existing building permit (1 or more extensions may be granted by the Building Official upon request of the owner)

Electrical & Wiring Permits

Permit Cost
Residential and commercial $20 per $1,000
(for first $100,000)
$10 per $1,000
(for any amount over $100,000)
Minimum fee and re-inspection fee $30

Plumbing & Gas Permits

Permit Cost
Residential and commercial  Minimum (First fixture) Residential $60.00   Commercial $150.00
Any additional fixtures $15 each
Replacement water heaters $30

Sign Permits

Permit Cost
New and replacement signs $30 per sign

Building Certification Fees

Permit Cost
Places of assembly accommodating over 400 people
(theaters, recreation centers, lecture halls, and more)
$75 a year
Accommodating 400 or less
(including restaurants, schools, bleachers, swimming pools, and more)
$40 a year
Churches $40 for 5 years
Hospitals and jails $75 for 2 years
$2 for 10 beds over 100
Hotels and lodging houses
First 10 rooms or 20 dormitory beds $40 a year
$2 for 2 rooms or 4 beds
Detoxification facilities $75 for 2 years
Multifamily, residential over 3 dwelling units $75.00 for 5 years plus
$2 dwelling unit
Summer camps for children
First 100 beds $15 a year
Each bed over 100 $8 a year
Each assembly building $15 a year
Limited group residences $40 a year

Application for Permit to Move Building

Application fee $200 non refundable
Permit fee $100 for first mile plus
$50 for each additional mile or fraction thereof