Policy For Out of Town Seniors

The Concord Council on Aging (COA) is honored and pleased to provide services to seniors. Over the past few years we have been experiencing tremendous growth in the number of seniors who are active and we expect this to continue into the foreseeable future as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age. In order to ensure high quality services for the senior residents of Concord, the following policies apply to Out of Town Residents:

  • If you were an active (recorded attendance for at least 8 events in the past year) participant at the Concord COA and you were an out of town resident, you have been "grandfathered in" and you may participate in programs and activities with the following exceptions:
    • A) Trips - Concord Senior residents have priority seating on all trips
    • B) Social Services - We are not able to provide social services to out of town senior residents.
    • C) Van Service - We cannot provide transportation to out of town senior residents
  • If you have been a Concord resident and active (recorded attendance for a least 8 events in the past year) at the COA and you move out of town, you will be "grandfathered in" and may continue to participate with the same limitations listed above.
  • If the Concord COA offers a fee based class where reservations are required, you may call on the day before the 1st class begins and if there is room available you make attend and pay the same fee as everyone else.
  • Fee based drop in exercise classes are not open to out of town residents unless you are "grandfathered in."
  • If a Concord resident invites you to participate as their guest and there is room available after Concord seniors have been given 1st priority you may attend. The COA may not know that room is available until the day of the event.
These policies are subject to change and revision as COA programming is continually assessed.