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1. What is an air-source heat pump and how does it work?
2. What types of air-source heat pumps are available?
3. What are the benefits of using an air-source heat pump?
4. Do air-source heat pumps really perform well in cold climates?
5. Are there drawbacks to air-source heat pumps?
6. Is an air-source heat pump right for me?
7. Why are air-source heat pumps considered to be a clean heating and cooling technology?
8. How efficient are air-source heat pumps?
9. How do the maintenance requirements and costs of an air-source heat pump compare to other heating systems?
10. How long do air-source heat pumps last?
11. How noisy are air-source heat pumps?
12. Can air-source heat pumps provide domestic hot water?
13. How complicated is installing a heat pump and how much time will it take?
14. How can I maximize energy savings from my heat pump?
15. I've heard that heat pumps can sometimes blow cold air?
16. How much will an air-source heat pump cost?
17. Do the heating and/or cooling cost savings justify the additional upfront cost of installing heat pumps rather than conventional heating and/or cooling equipment?
18. How can I find an ASHP installer?
19. What questions should I ask potential ASHP installers?
20. Are rebates available for ASHP installations?
21. Are there any state or federal incentives available for ASHP installations?
22. Who can I contact if I have a question not answered in these FAQs?