Risk Based Inspection Program

Risk Based Inspections focus and prioritize 5 broad categories of "risk factors" that most often contributes to food borne illness.

Risk Factors

They are the conditions, procedures, or practices that result in out-of-control food safety hazards. The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) has identified 5 major risk factors that contribute to food borne outbreaks.
  1. Improper Holding Temperatures
  2. Inadequate Cooking
  3. Poor personal hygiene
  4. Contaminated Equipment
  5. Unsafe food sources
Using these 5 risk factors identified by the CDC, Concord Health Department has developed 8
Critical Risk Factors that food inspectors will be focusing on during their inspection.
  1. Properly cooked potentially hazardous food
  2. Proper holding temperatures potentially hazardous food
  3. Proper cooling and reheating of potentially hazardous food
  4. Personnel with infections restricted
  5. Proper hygiene
  6. Cross contamination
  7. Wash, rinse and sanitize
  8. Food from an approved source