Annual Report 2001

Wastewater Planning Committee

Sharon M. Jones, Chair


  • Joel R. Bohy
  • Elissa J. Brown
  • Jeffrey L. Eberle
  • Charles W Haldeman
  • Johanna M. Hunter
  • Judith K. Sprott
  • Michael Webster

Comprehensive Wastewater Management Planning

The Wastewater Planning Committee (WPC) is an ad hoc committee, formed in November 1999 and appointed by the Town Manager. It was formed to provide guidance in the development of a Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP) and to represent Concord residents and the boards, committees, and commissions that have responsibilities affected by wastewater management. The work to date has been authorized and funded under Article 30, voted at the 1999 Annual Town Meeting.

In Phase I (1999-2001), consultants Lombardo Associates and Stone Environmental gathered and assessed all the relevant data about Concord from town records in order to produce a wastewater "Needs Assessment" report for every parcel in Concord. The consultants also carried out a preliminary engineering analysis based on the Needs Assessment data and developed a comprehensive proposal outlining 2 possible solutions for Concord's wastewater needs. General cost estimates and possible financing options were also provided. These reports were presented by the committee and the consultants to interested residents in both neighborhood and town-wide meetings. In addition, the committee began the critically important process of working more directly with the other boards, committees, and commissions that will be an integral part of making the CWMP work optimally for the Town.

As Phase I ended and Phase II began, the committee lost some members and gained others; Steven Ng has taken over for Elissa Brown (Planning Board), Paul Feshbach-Meriney has taken over for Johanna Hunter (Natural Resources Commission), and Robert Guernsey has taken over for Joel Bohy (citizen-at-large). Charles Haldeman and Michael Webster were elected Chairman and Vice Chairman, respectively.

In Phase II (2001-2003), the planning process is moving forward with three interlocked components:
  • Development of an on-site wastewater management plan for the more than 3000 parcels in town with effective working on-site septic systems. The Town has hired Stone Environmental as consultants to work with the Board of Health on this plan.
  • Development of a growth management plan to address potential growth impacts that might result from implementing offsite wastewater management solutions. The Town is in the process of procuring a consultant to assist the Planning Board with this plan.
  • Completion of the offsite wastewater management planning process. The Town has hired Weston and Sampson Engineers as consultants to assist the Town with this component of the CWMP.
The offsite wastewater management program, currently underway, includes these following tasks:
  • Completing the engineering analyses for the areas of town needing additional analysis.
  • Creating a prioritization system based on the level of need for offsite wastewater disposal and the cost of providing it.
  • Determining the best wastewater management and cost allocation plan for consideration at the 2003 Town Meeting.
  • Continuing the outreach program to keep the community and the stakeholder groups informed and involved.
  • Applying for and receiving the necessary state regulatory approvals.
  • Assembling the final CWMP document, which should be available early in 2003.
The reports of the consultants and other important information developed so far are available for review in the public libraries, the Town House, the CPW office, the Board of Health office, and on this website.