Obtaining Accident Report

The Massachusetts Public Records Law provides that every person has a right of access to public information. This right of access includes the right to inspect, copy or have copies of records provided, upon the payment of a reasonable fee.

Motor Vehicle Crash Reports are available On-Line by visiting BUYCRASH.COM


In Person or Via mail Requests:

Report Cost & Payments

The Concord Police Department will supply copies of requested motor vehicle crash reports at a cost of $5.00 per report. Payment is via check made payable to the Town Of Concord. Requests for reports can be made at the Concord Police Department in person, or via email.

Required Information For Requests

  • Case or Incident number if known
  • Contact phone number or email address
  • Date and Time of Incident
  • Name of person making request
Any additional information which can be used to locate the requested reports should also be included.