Concord Cemeteries in the News

Contemporary news and feature stories on cemetery activities including Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day celebrations.

"Three new mausoleum sites available in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord Journal Feb. 9, 2021."
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"Maynard Elks Place Flags in Concord Before Memorial Day" by Betsy Levinson, Concord Journal, May 18, 2020.
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"Little Women Concord Connection", by Rob Fucci, Concord Journal, January 22, 2020.  Click Here to View

"Planting cemetery flags is fitting memorial to veterans", by Lenny Megliola, Boston Globe, May 23, 2019.  Click Here to View

"Boston’s Other Housing Crisis", by Nora Caplan-Bricker, Boston Magazine, April 11, 2019.  Click Here to View

"New options for burials at Concord’s Sleepy Hollow Cemetery", by Betsy Levinson, Concord Journal, March 19, 2019.  Click Here to View

"Commemorative garden dedicated in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery", Concord Journal, May 22, 2018.  Click Here to View

"Dogged research leads to forgotten Alcott photo" ,by Jim Callahan, Concord Journal, December 26, 2017.  Click Here to View

"Margaret Lothrop reinterred at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery", Concord Journal, December 12, 2017.  Click Here to View

“’The Melvin’ is getting a makeover,” by Henry Schwan, Concord Journal, October 19, 2017  Click Here to View

“Thoreau, the surveyor, is honored,” by Henry Schwan,  Concord Journal, September 21, 2017.  Click Here to View