Tree Reforestation and Resilience


Concord's tree canopy protects us from the impacts of climate change like extreme heat and contributes to our town's character.

We received an MVP Action Grant in June 2019 from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Executive Office of Energy and Environment to plant additional public shade trees in 2019-2020.

Are you interested in receiving a new tree on your property to be planted by Concord Public Works? We're seeking community input on locations to plant public shade trees fall 2019 and spring 2020.

Step 1 

Determine if there is a vacant planting site on your property. Download this list of all vacant planting sites by address or use Concord's Tree Keeper website. 

To use the Tree Keeper website, first enter your address into the search bar. Then hit enter or click the magnifying glass.

The map will zoom to your property. Click on any green circle to see if that is the location of an existing tree or if the site information indicates a "vacant site."


Step 2

If you have a "vacant" site on your property, contact Concord Public Works ( or 978-318-3220) by August 16, 2019 to express interest and determine eligibility. Trees are limited through this program. 

Sustainability and resilience work best in tandem and when everyone is involved. We have an opportunity to act now, to prepare for the future, and to be a more resilient community. 

Click here for more information about the MVP program and climate resilience in Concord.

We also encourage residents to explore Concord Public Works' two other tree planting programs. The Setback Tree Planting Program provides trees on private property within the Town's right-of-way. CPW also has an ongoing Public Shade Tree Program.