2018 Public Works Week Celebration

Public Works Week May 20-26, 2018

 Concord’s Select Board issued a proclamation announcing “Concord Public Works Week” on May 20, 2018. 

Concord Public Works celebrated the American Public Works Association,  Public Works Week by hosting the 8th grade from the Middle School (over 230 students) on May 23.  This was the twelfth year that the students were included in this event. This year’s theme was:  “The Power of Public Works”. 

Anna Trout, Administrative & Special Projects Coordinator and the CPW team spent months in preparation for this event in coordination with Doug Shattuck, the Applied Technology teacher from the Middle School, and the teachers and staff that helped as chaperones for the event.  Planning begins once again for the next year as soon as the event concludes.

Richard Reine PWLF, Director of Public Works thanked  all who made the day a success, as the group assembled for a group photo.  He acknowledged that this event was made possible by the hard work of the public works staff, school staff, including the chaperones, who spent a great deal of time and effort to prepare for this event.

This year’s event was a great success, providing a unique opportunity to show students what goes on “behind the scenes” and demonstrated how they can have a positive effect on the environment.

Wayne Busa, Concord Schools Transportation Manager, coordinated the five buses and drivers that brought the students to three different locations throughout the day, which made things run smoothly.  Ned Roos of WIQH (Concord Carlisle High School) radio station – set up some music and a great sound system for the conclusion of the event.

Public Works was showcased by the following events this year:

  • Stormwater System Maintenance – CPW’s Highway and Grounds Division including Jeff Koranda and Bob Trainor, along with Peter Hardy from CPW’s Water/Sewer Division, and others conducted a session including a catch basin cleaning demonstration and information about how beavers can cause problems with drainage.  Various equipment was set up for display including the Park & Tree Aerial Truck, which Tim Jones demonstrated. Tish Hopkins conducted a trivia contest that challenged the students’ knowledge of local issues.
  • Stormwater and Water Quality Overview – CPW’s Engineering Division led by Jake Zwicker along with Tim Wilson and Nate Chin conducted an educational session at “Junction Park” in West Concord to demonstrate the importance of stormwater management, showing how bio retention works while including some fun activities for the students.
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal – CPW’s Administrative Division led by Rod Robison, Environmental Svs. Program Administrator, along with Paul Reinhardt and Nancey Carroll entertained the students with an educational skit which pointed out how important reuse is for the environment.  The students were able to come up with their own innovative ideas in a friendly competition. 
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Videos – Ben Clayman showed students the public service announcements that they created in class, demonstrating how to prevent stormwater pollution.  There were a number of great videos this year.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant – A tour of the plant was conducted by CPW’s Water & Sewer Division, led by Valerie Doerrer with assistance from Woodard and Curran staff.   Alex Wahlstrom and Melissa Simoncini, from CPW’s Water/Sewer Division provided a presentation on water conservation including a lively water relay demonstrating the importance of conserving this valuable resource.
  • Best Management Practice for Turf Grass - Dan Rowley, Keith Baldinger and Mick Hone, conducted a session at Keyes Road where the students learned about turf management and performed hands on Ph testing of the soil.  Information about CPW’s snow fighting procedures and tree program were also discussed.

Susan Clark and Chris Kizik operated the popcorn machine and distributed this tasty snack to hungry participants. There are many other employees that also provided assistance with this great event including Andy Giles, Rich Weaver and Andrew Walker.