Home Energy Assessments

A free home energy assessment will identify the sources of energy waste driving up your heating and electricity bills.

CMLP and the Sponsors of Mass Save® provide no-cost home energy assessments to Concord residents. Your primary heating fuel determines which agency provides you with a home energy assessment.

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If you heat with any fuel other than natural gas, CMLP’s energy auditor, Energy New England (ENE), will examine your home’s heating system, lighting, and weatherization needs. Schedule your appointment by filling out an online intake survey here The ENE Call Center will contact you to schedule an assessment once you have completed the survey. If you need help completing the survey, or have questions about the status of your request, contact Energy New England at HEA@ene.org or (888) 772-4242.  ENE is currently scheduling home energy assessments about 4 weeks out, depending on how busy the auditors are. You must be at home throughout the assessment. Residents are eligible for a free home energy assessment once every 2 years.

Energy New England is currently performing these home energy assessments either on-site or remotely, according to your preference.  Remote assessments are done via a video call on your cell phone. ENE’s auditor will spend about 45 minutes to an hour on the video call with you, depending on the size of your home.  The customer walks around the house with their smart phone’s video going, allowing the auditor to take screen shots as needed.  The auditor works with energy modeling software and then does a 10-30 minute follow up call to go over the results.  

You can also save energy by reducing your water use - especially your hot water use.  Find out about free water conservation devices you can pick up from CPW here: https://www.concordma.gov/349/Saving-Water-Indoors.  If you would like a water audit of your home, contact the Concord Public Works Water & Sewer Division at watersmart@concordma.gov or (978) 318-3250.

For CMLP residential customers who heat with natural gas, the Mass Save Program offers you:

  1. Free home energy assessments once every 2 years.  Mass Save is currently offering on-site home energy assessments, with virtual assessments available if needed due to COVID protocols.  If you use natural gas to heat some or all of your home or as a back-up for heat pump systems, you are eligible for Mass Save's free audit. This is your first step to their weatherization rebates and services, which are free and/or higher value than CMLP's weatherization rebates. 
  2. Weatherization rebates, and pre-qualified contractors who can complete the weatherization work that you need;
  3. Advice on upgrading to a more efficient heating system, along with generous financial incentives for doing so.

Note that the entry step for all of Mass Save's programs is a free home energy assessment. Visit the Mass Save Program webpage or call (866) 527-7283 to schedule yours or for more information.

Natural gas customers who want an energy audit for just their home's electric uses may contact Energy New England (ENE) for a home energy assessment.  See full details in the oil / propane / electric heating part of this page.