Electric Lawn Mowers

Thanks to funding from a generous Concord resident wishing to help reduce our collective carbon footprint, $100 rebates are available, while funds last, for residents replacing gas-powered lawn mowers with new electrically-powered ones.  Both the old / new mowers must have been / be used exclusively at the residence in Concord.  One lawn mower rebate may be awarded per household, distributed as a credit on their electric bill.

Qualifying electrically-powered lawn care equipment:
          - Lawn mowers
                     - corded or cordless
                     - push, self-propelled, or riding

NON-Qualifying electrically-powered lawn care equipment:
          - Trimmers                 - Clippers
          - Blowers                   - Weed-wackers

Before applying for the rebate, the old gas mower must be emptied of fuel, oil, and antifreeze (if applicable) and brought to Concord Light.  Schedule a date and time for this beforehand with Joshua Cook, Maintenance & Inventory Coordinator, at JCook@concordma.gov.  He will give you instructions for dropping off your old mower at our delivery door (see map below).  Please fill out, print, and sign your Gas Mower Trade-in Form and bring it to your appointment with Josh.  Leave your old mower with Josh and take your Gas Mower Trade-In Form, approved by Josh, to submit with your online rebate application.  

You will need digital copies (jpeg, pdf, etc. format) of your receipt and Gas Mower Trade-in Form to upload with your rebate application via the orange 'Apply' button at the bottom of this page.  The easiest way to do this may be to take photos of your documents with your cell phone camera.  You can also use a scanner to make soft copies of your paperwork or come to CMLP's front desk and ask our staff to scan the items for you. 

Lawn Mower Rebate Map to Deliveries Door

Rebate applications must be submitted via this link within 90 days of purchase.  A copy of the receipt or invoice, showing date of equipment purchase, as well as the Gas Mower Trade-in Form signed by CMLP, must accompany the application.


Please contact Pamela Cady, Energy Specialist, at
(978) 318-3149 or pcady@concordma.gov.