AMS Project Status

October 2023

Testing of residential meters, meter data files, bill print programming, and load management devices underway with a target completion of late October.  

September 2023

Thorough testing of residential meters and load management devices underway with a target completion of mid-October. 

August 2023

Load management devices arrived. Test set of residential meters installed. 

July 2023

Additional residential meters arrive. Integration testing delayed due to availability/change of vendor resources. The first residential meters tentatively planned to be installed in July are now pushed to late August or early September.

May 2023 

First set of residential meters arrive. Integration testing to begin.

March 2023 

Communication equipment and software arrive.

November 2022

Eaton was onsite with CMLP and CPW for the project kickoff and requirements gathering during the week of November 7th. 

September 2022

CMLP executed the Advanced Metering System contract and Purchase Order with Eaton in September of 2022. Following the contract execution, Eaton and CMLP have begun the procurement process for electric meters, equipment, and water nodes. Due to ongoing supply chain delays, the approximate delivery times for the various meters and water nodes range from 26 weeks to 61 weeks. 

November 2021

CMLP issued a Request for Proposal for an Advanced Metering System. CMLP received nine proposals in response to the Request for Proposal. After a very thorough evaluation process, CMLP selected the Eaton Corporation AMS solution. The AMS Vendor Recommendation with details about the evaluation and selection process can be found here.  

November 2020

CMLP issued the Consulting Services for a Metering and Communications System(s) Specification and Selection Request for Proposal (RFP) to identify and hire an expert to help us select a new system. Go to pages 14-19 for a description of the Scope of Work and Deliverables. CMLP hired Lemmerhirt Consulting as the technical lead on the AMS vendor selection project.