Classification and Compensation Study

Consistent with the Personnel Bylaw’s purpose of maintaining an equitable and efficient system of personnel administration, in August of 2022, the Town engaged GovHR to undertake a comprehensive study and redesign of our Classification & Compensation Plan for all non-union, regular-status positions.  The Town is conducting this study to ensure that:

1) uniform salary ranges are based on responsibilities and requirements of each job;

2) equal pay is provided for equal work; and,

3) employee compensation is both internally equitable and externally competitive.

Key objectives include:

  • Job Evaluation: Identify essential functions and competencies for each position using information provided by Town employees via a Job Analysis Questionnaire (“JAQ”) and interviews; uniformly analyze the positions using a new Job Scoring methodology.    
  • Classification: Implement a new position Classification System to ensure internal equity, job comparability and pay equity.
  • Compensation: Research market data in comparable communities for benchmark positions; use data to structure an updated, competitive compensation system that helps attract and retain a talented workforce.

Recommended to Town Meeting


Final Report

  • The final report and recommendation from the Town Manager can be found here.

Final Report and Recommendation


2008: Classification & Compensation study conducted

2008–2022: Plan maintained with annual adjustments in salary ranges, periodic restructuring of grades, regular reclassification of positions

2020–2021: Governance transitions & pandemic constraints: Decision made to hold off on new study

Project Timeline

Project timeline highlights are outlined below.  A detailed project outline can be found here.  Links are included to related documents.

August 2022

  • Enter contract with GovHR
  • Study announced to employees
  • Job descriptions and JAQs provided to each employee for review
  • Employee orientation meetings with GovHR

September 2022

  • Employee Orientation Meetings with GovHR
  • Personnel Board - Discuss criteria for comparable communities and bench mark positions
  • Personnel Board - Discuss metrics for comp & GovHR scoring methodology
  • Employees:  Completed JAQs returned to supervisors
  • Supervisors:  Comments on JAQs and job descriptions to senior managers

October 2022

  • Senior Managers:  Comments on JAQs and job descriptions to project team
  • Personnel Board:  Discuss selection of comparable communities
  • GovHR: Meetings with individual employees regarding positions
  • GovHR:  Gather market data

November 2022

  • Personnel Board: Receive project update
  • Personnel Board:  Discuss personnel bylaw and warrant articles
  • GovHR provide preliminary job analysis to project team

December 2022

  • Meetings with GovHR to review JAQ and interview findings
  • Project update to employees
  • Meetings with GovHR, Town Manager and Senior Managers to review data analysis
  • Personnel Board: Receive project update

January 2022

  • Draft Annual Town Meeting warrant articles submitted
  • Analysis data provided to GovHR for review
  • GovHR on-site meetings with HR and Town Manager

February 2023

  • Preliminary plan presented to Town Manager and Senior Management
  • Personnel Board: Project update, timeline and next steps
  • Project update memo and save-the-date to employees
  • Personnel Board:  Working Session - Project schedule/timeline/milestones, employee communications, and preparation for February 27, 2023 Public Hearing with Select Board
  • Communication to employees regarding GovHR presentation on Feb. 21, 2023
  • Senior Management feedback to GovHR
  • Employee Meetings:  GovHR presents preliminary plan
  • Employee review period opens (Feb. 22 - March 3, 2023)
  • Public Hearing presentation on Arts. 4, 5 & 6 - (Public Hearing continued to March 27, 2023)

March 2023

  • Employee review period ends - reconsideration due (March 3, 2023)
  • GovHR/HR reviews reconsideration requests
  • Personnel Board:  GovHR presents final Class & Comp plan
  • Public Hearing continued (March 27, 2023)

April 2023

  • Annual Town Meeting (April 30, 2023)