Solar Net Metering Credit

The net metering credit is based on the average Real Time Independent System Operator-New England (ISO-NE) price for all hours in the month prior to the current billing month between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. The credit amount for energy generated that exceeds a customer's purchases from CMLP is a variable amount as described in the Residential Net Metering with Banking rate.

ISO-NE oversees the constant availability of electricity in New England by ensuring the day-to-day operation of New England's bulk power generation and transmission system, ensuring the fair administration of the region's wholesale electricity markets, and managing regional planning.

Solar Photovoltaic Rebate Programs

CMLP offers rebates for solar photovoltaic installations. Read more for information about our Solar Photovoltaic Rebate Program for your home or business.

Net credit per Kilowatt Hour
Month Kilowatt Hours sold to CMLP
Month customer's bill rendered 
$0.02324October 2023November 2023
$0.03293September 2023October 2023
$0.02712August 2023September 2023
$0.03710July 2023August 2023
$0.03346June 2023July 2023
$0.01959May 2023June 2023
$0.02512April 2023May 2023
$0.02563March 2023April 2023
$0.06113February 2023March 2023
$0.05469January 2023February 2023
$0.11256December 2022January 2023
$0.06015November 2022December 2022
$0.04797October 2022November 2022
$0.05838 September 2022October 2022 
$0.09773 August 2022 September 2022 
$0.08514 July 2022  August 2022
$0.06658 June 2022 July 2022
 $0.06277May 2022June 2022
 $0.04912April 2022May 2022
 $0.05158March 2022April 2022
$0.10280February 2022 March 2022
$0.14569 January 2022 February 2022