Temporary Food Events--Licensing

The Concord Health Department requires that all Temporary Food Events open to the public be reviewed and permitted.

Learn more about whether your event is a private or public event and whether a permit is required by viewing the private events versus a public event page. Please also review the Guidance Document for Community and Religious Organizations (PDF) sponsoring food events. View this document  for information on potluck events.

Temporary Food Permit Applications must be submitted via ONLINE PERMITTING to the Health Department for review at least two weeks prior to the event; Please return to our home page to the ONLINE Permitting Section.  We will no longer be accepting Temporary Food Permit Applications in paper form.

Catered events: All catered events require a permit.  If you are a licensed caterer please follow the directions to apply online as above.

There are several other departments which may require permits or need to be consulted depending on the location and type of event you propose:
  • Zoning and Special Permits - Where will the event take place? Is this location zoned for this type of event? You may need a special permit from the Select Board. Please contact the Building Department and speak with the Zoning Enforcement Officer with questions at 978-318-3280.
  • Liquor License (PDF) - Liquor licenses are issued by the Select Board office. A 1-day special license is required in order to serve alcohol at your event. These permits may take several weeks to obtain as they must be issued at a Select Board's meeting, which is held twice a month. Contact Andrew Mara in the Select Board Office by phone at 978-318-3001 for application process and paperwork.
  • Tent Permits (PDF) - are issued by the Building Department. Tent permits are required for any tent which has sides or is greater than 700 square foot. Contact the Building Department with questions 978-318-3280.
  • Use Of Town Property (PDF) -  If you are proposing an event on Town-owned property you will need permission from the Town Manager's office at 978-318-3000.