Assistance Programs

Residential Discount Rate

CMLP’s low-income Residential Assistance Discount Rate program provides a credit of $0.13809 per kWh effective January 1, 2023 and is applied to the customer’s first tier of usage billed each month and will show as a line credit on invoices. Annual re-certification each January (before January 31st) is required.

Income eligible customers who complete the application, provide proof of income, and qualifying benefit will be approved.

  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted
  • Proof of income and benefit(s) must accompany application

Eligibility Criteria for the Discount Rate

Applicant is a residential customer (primary dwelling only),

  • Electric bill is in applicants name, and
  • Applicant is eligible for the low-income home energy assistance program (LIHEAP), or its successor program (SMOC) , or
  • Applicant is receiving benefits under a means-tested program and the total household income is at or below 60% of the state median income. Please refer to the LIHEAP Income Chart for income guidelines. 

Application Process 

Complete the Residential Assistance Rate Application (PDF) providing the proof of benefits checked on your application and proof of income for all adults in the household. 
 Mail the completed application and supporting documents to: 
 1175 Elm Street
 P.O. Box 1029
 Concord, MA 01742-1029
 if you qualify, we will adjust your account to reflect the rate change. Should you not qualify, we will mail a letter stating the reason(s) why. 

Annual Re-Certification 

Each year, you must be re-evaluated for the low-income Residential Assistance Rate. We will mail the renewal application to you in mid-December. Once the completed renewal application is received, we will determine if you remain eligible for rate assistance.

For more information about this rate, view the Residential Service Rate Assistance (PDF).

Elderly Protection

Protected Status

If you and all other members of your household are 65 or older, you are entitled to "protected status." This means you are protected against termination of electrical service for failure to pay a past due bill.

Third Party Notification

This status allows you to select a friend, relative, member of the clergy or other person of your choice to act on your behalf should you receive a collection notice from us. We will send copies of any collection notices to this third party who will then be able to look into the situation and help to make payment arrangements. The third party is not responsible for, nor obligated, to pay your bill.

Complete the 3rd Party Notification, or for information contact Customer Service at 978-318-3101 or

Fuel Assistance

Under the SMOC Fuel Assistance Program (LIHEAP), eligible low-income households receive assistance paid directly to their heating vendor for oil, electricity, natural gas and propane. Eligibility is based on gross annual income and family size. Fuel Assistance season opens for new clients November 1. Concord residents under 60 should contact Bonny Wilbur at 978-318-3034 or to determine eligibility and to request an application packet. Residents over 60 should contact the Council on Aging at 978-318-3020.

Critical Health Need for Electricity

If you or someone in your home relies on life support equipment powered by electricity, you can ask to be placed on our confidential Critical Health Need for Electricity Program. This requires written verification of a critical health need from your doctor, updated annually. During a power outage, CMLP will attempt to prioritize service restoration to those on the list. Read more about the program or complete the Critical Health Need for Electricity application. For more information, contact Customer Service at 978-318-3101 or

Budget Payments

For those in temporary financial hardship, CMLP can budget your payments over time to help you keep your account current. For information, contact Customer Service at 978-318-3101 or