GIS Data Requests

GIS Data refers to the individual data layers that are used in GIS to compose the maps and apps that Concord uses and distributes.  For example, roads, buildings, parcels are individual data layers. Each layer includes a data table with a record associated with each feature on the map, so it is also a kind of database.  The data layers are intended to be used with GIS software or web apps, rather than simply displayed as a graphic image or map, so they are for users who have the requisite software and knowledge of how to use the data. 

So GIS Data is not the same as "maps". If it is finished maps of particular themes from Concord's GIS you are after, see Prepared Maps. Or you can print or export a map you compose yourself at Concord's MapsOnline site.

The GIS Data Request Form is the best way to get us your request.  If you have issues to resolve after visiting the form, please contact Jill Moonheron at, or by telephone at (978) 318-3258 Please be prepared to describe with some precision which GIS data layers you are seeking, which you can see on the MapsOnline site. 

All publicly available layers will be provided via electronic delivery (Dropbox, FTP, or email attachment if sufficiently small). This is preferred for its low cost, convenience, and fastest delivery time.  It is also possible to request larger data sets on a DVD sent by postal mail, if preferred.
  Data will be provided in ESRI file geodatabase or shapefile format.  Special formatting is normally not provided.

Municipal utility infrastructure data are not publicly available for security reasons. This includes water, sewer, drainage, broadband and electrical infrastructure data. There may be other exceptions in accordance with the Public Records Law, which may be determined before fulfilling the request.

Cost of materials, shipping and time will be billed, if warranted, in accordance with the Massachusetts Public Records Law.

Concord GIS program is always willing to help, but please understand that we do not have the resources or any obligation to produce new data or analyses that we do not currently have available.  If you are a resident or on a Town Board or Committee and need some form of custom analysis performed using GIS, please contact us directly to discuss.  We love to see people making good use of the data available to them to improve our town.

For printed map pricing, contact us at Concord GIS Program.  Full sets of Tax Parcel maps may be ordered from Concord Printers, 84 Thoreau Street, Concord MA 01742  A bound set 24" x 36" costs approximately $432.00.
(Their pricing; no endorsement is implied.) You may also download the source PDF files yourself at any time from Concord's Prepared Maps page, in the Assessing Maps section.