Concord Aerial Imagery: 1940s to today

Concord Postcard

Sometimes you get lucky: DPLM Director Marcia Rasmussen mentioned she had a stack of old aerial photographs of the Town, which I was delighted to borrow from her in order to get them into GIS format. When I mentioned this to Delia Kaye in Natural Resources, she pulled out a box from her bookcase filled with more – and different – aerial images. What a bonanza!

The imagery dates from the 1940s onward, including 1956, 1960, 1968 (floodwaters), 1970 and 1995. This greatly expands our imagery library into the past. Our next flyover will be coming up in 2020, giving us 80 years of Concord’s history, viewable from your computer screen!

How to View Historic Imagery

Follow this link to Concord's web map, then look in the Layers tab, under Base Maps, and pick a year. Zoom in to an area of interest, then click on different imagery years to see how things change.

Base Maps

Gallery: Concord Imagery Through Time

March 1968 Floodwaters

Annursnac Hill

2229 Main St and Black Birch Lane

Concord-Carlisle High School

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