Zoning Board of Appeals Application Forms & Information

Applications are due by noon on the first business day of a month for a meeting held in the following month. 

  • ex: A meeting held in March will have an application due date on the first business day in February.
Please print 3 copies of the application and supporting documentation.

 Please include a digital copy
of your application and all supporting documentation.

  • Files can be emailed if size allows, or you can submit a flash drive containing the documentation.
The Building Commissioner must review and sign the application before submission.

  • Please schedule a review with the Building Commissioner at least 1 week prior to the submission deadline. 

Planned Residential Development Moderate Income Eligibility Criteria

In Zoning Bylaw (ZBL) Section 10 Planned Residential Development (PRD), moderate income households are defined as households earning over 80% to 150% of the Area Median Income (AMI).  The Zoning Board of Appeals has adopted PRD Moderate Income Eligibility Criteria for moderate income units for Planned Residential Developments based on input from the Regional Housing Services Office, the Concord Housing Development Corporation, the Concord Housing Foundation, and the Planning Board. Adoption of these criteria provides prospective developers with information on the Town’s expectations for a PRD project.  It allows the developer to factor these guidelines into their project proposal from the beginning, thereby reducing the potential for issues during the public hearing process.