Heat Pump Case Studies

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Thanks to Concord's Comprehensive Sustainability and Energy Committee, we have a number of case studies about Concord residents who have transitioned their homes to climate-friendly heat pumps for heating and cooling. The case studies cover a range of home sizes and styles, new construction and retrofits, and everything from partial conversions to whole-home transitions to electric. Explore these case studies to learn from your neighbors about how a heat pump transition could work for you.

The Van de Wilden Home - Choosing Electric for a New Concord Home

For MaryWren and Philip van de Wilden, going electric with their new build was a top priority. When their boys grew up and moved out, longtime Concord residents, the van der Wildens knew it was time for a differently configured home. The answer was a custom-designed new build where part of the house could be closed off when not needed, thereby saving on bills and energy use. Click to read the case study. 

The Hubbard-Nelson Home - Transition from gas to heat pumps in stages

The Hubbard-Nelsons are working to move their home from gas to air-source heat pumps. Andrea and Brad have been in their Nashawtuc Rd home since 2014, and have been slowly transitioning their home to electric in an effort to get off fossil fuels. The heat pumps have made the home more comfortable in winter and especially summer, with low energy costs thanks to a Solar PV array on the roof. Click here to read the case study.

The Slack Home - A whole-home transition from oil to air-source heat pumps

Kim and Amanda Slack's Concord home demonstrates that even with the Boston area’s hot summers and frigid winters, cold climate air source heat pump (ccASHP) systems can satisfy home heating and cooling needs.

Learn more in the NEEP case study.