Commercial EV Charging Station Rebate

EV charging infrastructure to support workers, multi-dwelling unit residents, schools, fleets, and retail.

CMLP wants to help you offer electric vehicle charging at workplaces, apartments, condominiums, schools, shops and more. Concord businesses and multi-unit dwelling properties can get a rebate of up to $6,000 for the installation of a Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging station. Rebates are available for:

  • Public charging stations on private property and
  • Private charging stations on private property.

CMLP’s commercial EV charging station rebate is in addition to grant funds available from the state through MassEVIP Public Access Charging Incentives, Multi-Unit Dwelling & Educational Campus Charging Incentives or Workplace & Fleet Charging Incentives. The level of CMLP funding is designed, when combined with a MassEVIP rebate, to cover a substantial portion of the eligible costs of installing a typical $30,000 dual port public charging station. The commercial EV charging station rebate applicant is responsible for covering non-eligible costs such as electricity, software and warranty subscriptions, maintenance and permitting.

In order to be eligible for a rebate, you must request rebate pre-approval and receive a rebate award letter from CMLP prior to installation. See the section below entitled, “How to Request Rebate Pre-Approval Before Installation.”