File of Life

The File of Life is a small, bright red, magnetic holder that hangs on your refrigerator and contains a medical history, a medication list, and emergency contact information. There is also a smaller version that fits easily in a purse or wallet. Taking the time to complete a File of Life is an easy way to be prepared for an emergency.

Emergency personnel know to look for the File of Life on your refrigerator when called to your home or on your person if you need medical assistance away from your home. With that small file, first responders can know what medications and doses you are taking as well as your medical history so they can begin the treatment immediately.

When Minutes Count... 

If you are transported to a hospital emergency room, information is immediately available to medical staff. There is no wasted time in trying to get information to help treat you if you are unconscious or confused, or if your next of kin does not know the answers to the questions being asked.

Using the File of Life gives you peace of mind that you will have prompt care and that the proper person will be notified in case of an emergency! Having instant access to medical facts can make the difference when every second counts.

Both the large and small versions are available at the Council on Aging free of charge. Stop by to pick up a set, fill them out, and know you have done something very good for yourself!

Help First Responders Help You!

Remember to review the information regularly, as medications and phone numbers often change. We recommend filling the forms out in pencil so they can be easily updated.