Garage Initiatives

Asphalt Remover & Cleaner

The Highway Division is currently evaluating 2 environmentally friendly paving-related products: Rhoma-Sol and Enviro-Slide Ultra. These are "sliding agents," used to lubricate truck beds and remove asphalt from hand tools and equipment, both are 100% biodegradable.


Rhoma-Sol is an environmentally responsible asphalt and tack oil remover. It was developed to give state Department of Transportation's, counties, cities and asphalt contractors a way to safely remove asphalt and tack oil deposits without using diesel fuel. In addition, in Rhoma-Sol a unique gelled formulation allows it to cling, attack and dissolve heavier buildups without evaporating or running off onto the ground.



Enviro-Slide Ultra is a synthetic asphalt release agent with never-stick technology that easily releases today's super-sticky, polymer modified mixes, while meeting or exceeding tough federal, state and local regulations.


The Concord Public Works (CPW) garage utilizes this environmentally friendly biodegradable grease exclusively on the CPW fleet. It is designed for heavy-duty use.

Re-Refined Motor Oil  

All trucks and vehicles in the CPW fleet utilize re-refined motor oil.

Waste Oil Recycling

All waste oil for the CPW is recycled.