Concord Public Works (CPW) Bicycles

As 1 of Concord Public Work's ongoing sustainability endeavors, 2 retired bicycles were obtained from the Police Department for use by CPW staff to attend meetings and run errands locally.

Park and Tree staff installed a bike rack and brick pad outside of 133 Keyes Road for these bicycles.

Bike for CPW

Fuelmaster - Fuel Management System

Concord Public Works (CPW) and Concord Municipal Light Plant (CMLP) have installed a new fleet fuel management system. The Fuelmaster system has been installed at 2 fueling depots at CPW and CMLP. This advanced system will allow for the management of fuel consumption, vehicle efficiency and vehicle maintenance through the interfacing with the vehicles On Board Diagnostics (OBD) computer.

Hybrid Vehicles

There are currently 5 hybrid vehicles:
  • 1 Administration
  • 2 Engineering
  • 2 Water and Sewer, in use as part of the CPW fleet.
Black Hybrid Vehicle