Residential Roadway Cut-through Traffic Study

The Town of Concord has been experiencing an increase in traffic congestion and a shift in traffic from arterial and collector roads (which are designed to carry large volumes of vehicles) to local roads (which are typically quieter, residential neighborhood streets). While this shift in traffic may or may not stress the capacity of a local road, there is no doubt that an increase in volume has a much larger impact on the residents of these streets. The Town of Concord has initiated a study to examine cut-through traffic patterns along several residential roadways previously identified. This study is not intended to include arterial and collector roads that are designed for larger volumes of traffic. The goal of this study is to examine existing traffic patterns through data collection and analysis, and to recommend possible actions that would discourage or eliminate cut-through traffic within the study area. Preliminary findings indicate that neighborhoods around the world are experiencing an increase in cut-through traffic due to the use of wayfinding and traffic apps, and, moreover, that mitigation of cut-through traffic involves significant trade-offs that communities need to weigh carefully. Below you will find the most current information on this study. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Public Works at 978-318-3206.