Emerson Park Improvement Project


Erik Shaw, Assistant Highway & Grounds Superintendent, (978) 318-3220, eshaw@concordma.gov


Kilmoyley Construction


This work should begin the week of May 24, 2021 and is expected to continue until completion in mid-September.


The goal of this project is to construct and install playground safety surfacing, ADA compliant walking paths, rehabilitate the irrigation well and replace the irrigation system. The Highway & Grounds Division has worked with JJA Sports on the design and initial stages of this project. Kilmoyley Construction has been awarded the bid for this project and will be completing the construction.


General: The project has shifted focus from the pool area to preparing for the installation of the ADA walk paths. Significant work has been done to mark out the path, identify and address issues with existing utilities and move structures and measure grades along the construction area. The next couple of weeks will see a lot of excavation activity across the park.

Hunt/Pool/Playground Area – The new green space established by removing the old splash pad has grown in nicely with the rain and some of the construction fence in this area will be removed soon. Work was conducted in preparation for the new electrical cabinet that will house the well pump equipment and other devices.  The playground continues to remain open until after the summer programs end in mid-August.   Please keep out of fenced in construction areas when accessing the playground.

ADA Walking Path – Work on the walking path began with testing soils along the pathway and preparing the site for excavation. Several trees in the park were pruned to make way for the equipment and trucks to operate. A section of the park between the tennis courts and the track has been closed off to begin excavation and pedestrian traffic is routed through the track area (see map detail). The tennis equipment storage shed was relocated and electricity disconnected. 300 feet of the pathway was excavated, filled and compacted. Conduit for the electrical extension was installed as well.

Water Fountains-Water fountains remain closed for the season due to construction.

Irrigation – The irrigation system installation continues to move along with about 70% of the mainline and zone laterals installed. The ball field areas are mostly complete and the area inside of the track (Oval) began this week.  Zone lines and sprinkler heads have been installed on the entire field.

Emerson Field Detour July 14

Emerson Field Detour June22 (002)