Water-Smart Landscape Templates

With the support of grants from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and The Garden Club of Concord, the Town of Concord developed these free designs with local landscape professionals. These templates can serve as a guide to property owners in creating attractive landscapes that provide plant variety, color, and habitat for wildlife.

Once established, these landscapes will require less water and little maintenance. However, as with any new plantings, these will require some supplemental water in the first year or two to make sure they become established. Mulching around plants will keep down weeds and help the soil retain moisture. Also, over time some perennials may need to be divided. Use the templates as your budget, property size and time allow. You can renovate your yard all at once or make changes in your landscape over a few years.

Lonicera Sempervirens - "Coral Honeysuckle"

Garden for Hot Spots, designed by Dori Smith of Gardens for Life. This design was created for full-sun properties using drought and salt-tolerant trees and shrubs. Full of color, this landscape will also attract birds and butterflies.

View the Lonicera Sempervirens template for more details.
Lonicera Sempervirens

Dicentra Eximia - "Bleeding Heart"

Woodland Garden, designed by Lina Formichelli of Pumpkin Brook Organic Gardening. This design is perfect for homeowners with properties bordering on wooded areas. Utilizing shade-loving plants, this garden provides year-round color and interest.

View the Dicentra Eximia template for more details.
Dicentra Eximia

Fothergilla Major - "Large Fothergilla"

Wildlife Attracting Landscape, designed by Sue Spicer of Sue Spicer Landscape Design. By providing food, water and shelter, this design creates a natural habitat setting for local and migrating animals with native trees, shrubs and ground covers.

View the Fothergilla Major template for more details.
Fothergilla Major

Arctostaphlos Urva-Ursi - "Bearberry"

Rain-Catching Garden, designed by Angela Kearney of Minglewood Design. This design features a garden of flowering plants, shrubs and groundcovers that retains rainwater and allows it to seep back into the ground, recharging ground water supplies, instead of running off into storm drains.

View the Arctostaphlos Urva-Ursi template for more details.
Arctostaphlos urva-ursi