Picture of a hand of cards

Our Bridge Group is on hold right now. We hope to re-introduce the group once pandemic safety measures are lifted.

Bridge Basics

There are 4 players in 2 fixed partnerships. Partners sit facing each other. It is traditional to refer to the players according to their position at the table as North, East, South and West, so North and South are partners playing against East and West. The object is to win "tricks" for your side. The lead player plays any card in hand and each following player must try to follow suit. The highest card in the lead suit wins the trick.  A game is won by the first team to score 100 or more points for successful contracts, over several deals if necessary. 

Always Looking for New Players!

We hope to bring back our regular contract bridge group every Tuesday at 1 p.m. Players need not be expert players, but should have some basic grasp of game play. Beginners might come to introduce themselves and observe the game until they feel able to join. 

If you are interested in playing bridge at the COA, please call 978 318 3020 to let us know! We are happy to put a group together as soon as we have enough players to make a go of it!