CPC Current Meeting Documents

Documents are posted for informational purposes only as staff time allows. The official public record with all related documents is maintained in the Planning Division office at 141 Keyes Road and is available for public review during normal business hours.

March 21, 2023 Meeting

Project Update Summary, FY2023 through Feb 28. Please see next section for status reports on individual projects

Warner's Pond Community Meeting Presentation

Other Business: Draft Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Agreement

CPC and Affordable Housing Trust Background Information

Affordable Housing Trust + CPA Conference 2020 – Housing Toolbox

08-FY24 See the Civil War Monument in the silent movie from 1928, 9 minutes, 51 seconds into the film.
1928 Memorial Day Parade in Concord, Massachusetts – Town of Concord Archives Digital Repository (preservica.com)

Grant Project Status Summary